Sunday, May 31, 2009

The Beginning...

Welcome to the Canton Box Company's first blog! I must admit, I feel a little behind the times having just now entered into the blogging world. So, lets start out where all things must...the beginning.

I can't remember the exact day when I realized I wanted to own my own business. It was almost like a continuous build-up - like everyday I would get closer to realizing the fact. Tyson (husband & business partner) and I would talk about it now and then, especially when we were really hating our full-time jobs, but I never truly believed it would be a reality.

The day I do distinctly remember, however, is the day I decided to go back to school to get my Master's degree - also known as the big turning point in my career and life. At the time I was working as a computer support specialist at a local college - by no means my dream job, but none the less, a job that I was actually pretty good at. Without going into too many mundane details, there was a day that I had a conversation with my boss and realized that I was going NOWHERE in my job - no growth potential, no salary increase potential...nothing. There wasn't anywhere to go - or grow for that matter! I was far enough along in my "I think I want to own a business" mind that I filled out my application for my Master's in Business Administration that same night and turned it in the very next day. Tyson did the same a few months later.

Without rehashing the past 3 years, all I will say is that going back into school has been a wonderful growth experience - personally and professionally - for both Tyson and I. I have a new job at a new company now - no more frustrating computer questions for me! But even with the new job...I still found myself wanting more. So, it was during the MBA process that I ~finally~ came to the truth that, not only did I want to, but I had to own my own business. Tyson had always known and it just took me a little longer to catch up! The business that we both knew we would love was a home furnishings store.

We decided to start out small with our endeavor and always move to the next step when we felt we were ready. Our first step was starting a store on A wonderful website for artists, crafters, woodworkers, etc. to sell their hand-made goods online. We developed and etsy to sell all of the things we love making. For Tyson, its furniture making and woodworking...which he is super talented at.

One of the first things Tyson made for me and our home...and maybe still my favorite.

And for me, its making crafts. I don't have a particular specialty - no one thing I could just make forever. I love working with paper, but I also love trying new things and working with new materials.

We started our Etsy business ~The Canton Box Company~ in February this year. And I have to tell you, posting that 1st item for sale was a completely gratifying of those great this is what I'm meant to be doing kind of moments.

There is no grand story behind the name...only that when Tyson first said it, it stuck. We wanted to have "Canton" in there somewhere for the city that we love (and want so badly to make a comeback) and because we ultimately would love to have a shop downtown.

We're trying to make the shop as close to our style as it can be...a sort of industrial chic without being too modern or minimalistic. And most importantly...never, ever, ever selling anything that we wouldn't put in our own home.

So that is where we are at today...both still working full time jobs, both still going to school (I'm done in August, Tyson is done in December) and running the Canton Box Company. Only that last part doesn't feel like work and has honestly been more fun than anything else. The good thing is that we are moving along faster than I thought we would.

So now we are just waiting for the right time to take that next step...