Thursday, October 22, 2009

Message in a Bottle

I love the idea of a message in a bottle. It's so timeless and romantic and everytime I walk on the beach I secretly hope that I find one. We decided to offer a fun kit for sending a Message in a Bottle at the Canton Box Company.

Each kit comes with a beautfil gift box that has been hand stamped on the front. Check out the Canton Box Company for more information.

Monday, October 19, 2009

A New Print

The other day, I picked up a new sketch book from my favorite store, the BLISSFUL, and I loved what it said on the front.

~Choose Your Own Adventure~

I thought, that would make a great print! So I industrialized it up a bit, put a Canton Box Company spin on it and this is what I came up with...

It comes framed in a lovely black 10x13 wooden frame and can be purchased here.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

The Halloween Survival Kit

As two Halloween fanatics, we decided to make a Halloween Survival Kit available for purchase at the Canton Box Company. Having no idea what should go in a Halloween Survival Kit, the extensive internet research began! This is what we came up with:

CRUCIFIX: Helps fend of vampires and a variety of other evil creatures and spirits.

WOODEN STAKE: Exterminates vampires when driven through the heart.

HOLY WATER: Can be tossed on all evil creatures. Also comes in handy for the occasional exorcism.

SILVER BULLETS: For when you cross paths with werewolves. These should be shot straight into the heart of the werewolf.

GARLIC BULBS: To keep vampires at a safe distance – always keep on hand!

MIRROR: Keep with you when you are crossing covered bridges – you’ll know exactly when to duck when that sneaky Headless Horseman comes up behind you. Also a handy item if you’re trying to sniff out ghosts or vampires since they do not have reflections and will not show up in the mirror.

SALT: Toss a ring of salt around yourself when you are in the company of a witch - she won’t be able to touch you as long as you’re standing within the ring of salt!

This fun kit can be purchased here. Mention this blog post at purchase and receive a 10% discount.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Hello, Halloween...

Tyson & I love this time of the year. We love the weather, the warm colors of the falling leaves, the pumpkins, the extra Halloween candy that always seems to make its way into our house, and so on and so on.

This Halloween and Fall season does feel a little different, I must admit. You see, as owners of the Canton Box Company, we are fully engrossed in preparing our products for the upcoming Christmas season ~ and it feels sooooo early! I just spent a few hours in our workshop and when I emerged from the sea of red and green {and lots of other festive things} the first thing I thought was, 'I'm completely forgetting about fall.'

So, in an attempt to slow things down a bit...and not start writing posts about Christmas yet...I thought I would share a few little peaks at the Halloween decor that is currently gracing our little abode.

The enormous pot of mums I picked up at the Farmers' Market last weekend.

another Farmers' Market find...

This little glass bird was a very sweet birthday gift I received last week. Its the perfect container for the fresh cut mums!

These gourds found the perfect home.

And now things get a little spooky. Lots of dark and bewitching things are currently gracing our mantle.
What I affectionately refer to as our Bucket-O-Bones. Bad house guests could end up here!