Thursday, February 11, 2010

Best. Sugar Cookies. Ever.

photo courtesy of flickr

Well - at least the best ones that I've ever made.

I'll be the first one to admit that I'm not the most experienced cook in the world {my husband, however, is a rockstar in the kitchen}. But I can bake. And even though I consider myself to be a stellar baker and have mastered many Martha Stewart recipes {grating frozen butter, anyone?}, the one recipe that has always eluded me has been sugar cookies.

Sugar cookies...SUGAR COOKIES! They're about as basic as it gets. Believe me, I've told myself this many times. As simple as it sounds, they just have never tasted as good as what I remember them to be growing up. I secretly think my mom might be trying to sabotage me by giving me a bogus recipe.

So, I think I've finally found a brand spanking new recipe I can live with. Thank you Paula Deen. I found this little miracle on and you can partake in its glory here. I did change one thing...I used this buttercream frosting instead of the suggested royal icing. The texture of the cookies was perfect...not crunchy but not too doughy and soft. And the buttercream frosting was out of this world...sweet but not sickeningly sweet. A perfect balance.

Now, with the whopping 4 sticks of butter that went into these cookies, I don't think I'll be whipping them up every weekend. But I'll definitely be filing this recipe away in for holidays and any other day where a sugar cookie is in order.

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