Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Spelling 101

Peddle (v): to carry (small articles, goods, wares, etc.) from place to place for sale at retail; hawk.

Pedal (v): to work or use the pedals, as in playing an organ or propelling a bicycle.

Funny story...

I recently designed a new spin off Keep Calm print that I was really psyched about. It went unsold for a pretty long time, which I thought was weird because it seemed like it was a clever and fun little print. So...finally someone bought it. She was even nice enough to send me an email right after she made the payment to let me know how excited she was to give it to her boyfriend.

And then I got another email after she received the print.

Apparently when she gave the print to her boyfriend, he noticed that...umm...I spelled pedal wrong. Peddle vs. Pedal. Peddle - to sell goods. Pedal - spin the tires around on your bike. When I got that email I probably stared at my computer screen for a good 30 seconds in total mortification, thinking "God, I hope this doesn't end up on Regretsy." How could I have looked at the print 100 times, taken pictures of it, showed it to my husband, written copy for it...and not noticed that I was a total idiot.

Luckily, my gracious customer was very understanding of my faux pas and was willing to take another print in the mail (Sarah - your print is in the mail today!).

By the way - if you're wondering why I've been missing from the blogging world its because I've been in my workshop getting ready for ArtisAlive! that will be taking place on April 9 and 10th. I promise to post some pictures soon of all the new things we've been working on...very good stuff.

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  1. That's funny! My business is Posh Petals, I'm an event florist. I'm shocked at how many people think Pedal as in bike instead of Petal like a flower petal!